New brush, Super 63

I have not had much difficulty using the Aerographs with most modern airbrush specific paints. When I got a Super93 (side feed, no cam-trigger mechanism) I did the below painting using Golden HIgh Flow along with some Createx Illustration. Paints specific to model making are a bit of a different animal, though... All of mine are set up with the fine head and needle combo. Trigger and needle tend to be very, um, firm to operate compared to most other offerings out there. I wound new springs for all of mine to soften the action up - they perform quite well. A pretty easy comparison to a good Japanese brush - performance wise. For me, the one drawback is the trigger mechanism which uses a diaphragm as part of the design. Older ones (pre-1980's) tend to stiffen or split. This causes either a very firm trigger feel, or air escaping out the trigger slot. Newer ones (mid-80's and newer) use a rubber diaphragm that can be repaired with crazy glue (carefully), that stays more supple.

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I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful artwork. I visited your page and wanted to leave a comment on your amazing gallery but I wasn't sure how, or if one was allowed to do that. I'm glad I found your art, with the wonderful insight you share with us. As I said on a previous thread discussing the Aerograph, the information you all have been discussing has been very useful for me. I'm currently waiting for one of my Aerographs to arrive, it's the Sprite model. I also have another Model E coming to me but it's very beat up, so it will help me with parts for the first one I got. Well, I'll let you back into your shop! Have a good night Dave! Thank you! -Lisa 🙏☺️
Yes, a surprise indeed, thank you Ian. When I was unpacking the box there was only one I was looking to having, then all of a sudden the shiny oval cup just caught my attention! These look so beautiful to me. The fact that I later found they were used a lot in illustrations surprised me. Stylish, and effective. 😀👏