New Comer



My name is Jim and I am a new comer . I am interested in learning how to apply dyes and conditioners on leather. I purchased a HF airbrush kit to get started. I didn't have such great luck with the first kit. I returned it because the air was coming out of the back of the brush. I should say I exchanged it for the same one. I hope it was the air brush not me that was faulty. I know nothing about air brushing, I hope you all can help me out. I have seen some work that you all do, it is really fantastic. Thank you for having me join your site, I hope you can help me out.

Welcome home Jim
Being you state you ordered from HF I can only assume you live in the states?
I wouldn't air conditioners on leather they seem milky but I'd assume they would gum up the brush. Much easier to use cotton tshirts and wipe them on that's how I do it. Also dyes with airbrush wouldn't be good either as dyes soak into the leather thus you'd have to apply them 10 or more times vs just wiping them on.

Just my experience with dyes. Now if you want to paint on the leather with acrylic a airbrush should work great it's one reason I picked up a brush but have not tried it yet on leather as I need precision.
Thank you all.I am from the States,I live in New Jersey.You have such fine artist In the UK.I hope to pick up some pointers from you all.