absolutely had it with these "airbrushing" compressors the salon air compressor from ebay sucked....the harbor freight 80 dollar compressor is only good for about 20 minutes before overheating to the point u can fry an egg on it SUCKS

yesterday bored on craigslist i found a 5gallon 2hp no name compressor for 70 bucks after wheeling and dealing price dropped down to 60 freakin dollars... did some more wheeling and dealing for 40 dollars i got the compressor a harbor freight inline filter and all the adapters needed for my airbrushing set up BEING IMPATIENT SCREWED ME OVER i should of never ordered the 3 master airbrush plus compressor from ebay... i should of never bought the airbrushing compressor from harbor freight but im soooo soooo glad i bought this compressor from craigslist its lil loud but its manageable being i do my work in the basement alil noticeable loud enough to not spray when everyone in the house is asleep but once i build a sound proof container for it 560480_10151058420951674_1797221618_n.jpg on top of the new compressor is the comical typical air brush compressor P.O.S. only thing i'll be using it for is when i have to travel and want to take it with me
Lmao at the situation not you bugs!!! I went through the same crap only I got the same little compressor from tcpglobal and everytime I had a problem they sent a new one, I went through 4 in six months unroll I bought a 6 gallon from wal mart. Haven't had a problem since! Hope this one works for you for a long time :)

Congrats for getting a new compressor for that money, this one should work so much better then the small one.
I also spent some money at the beginning that i would have been better of to invest in better equipment. For a start
i got such a small compressor as you had in a set with a chinese airbrush a airbrush holder and a spray out box. The
compressor was too weak without a tank so i even got a tank for the compressor. But then it was kinda still too loud for me
since i spray in my appartment and i mostly work at nigth on my paintings. So i got myself a silent airbrush compressor along
with better airbrushes and so on and so on lol. The list seems never to end since then buying other stuff lol.
Super deal that. You can always pop a fridge motor on there.

I also started with a tiny "airbrush" compressor just find out it overheats after and hour and you never get proper air from it. Nothing more frustrating then having to wait for the thing to cool down. It might be an expensive hobby, but good equipment does pay for itself. Maybe not in money but in enjoyment of using it.
I second the fridge compressor lol I started the same way you all did think it was a husky portable compressor first then a iwata smart jet then disected the husky and use the tank hooked up to the smart jet. And finally used the tank and components from the husky with a fridge compressor never looked back since quiet and works great I put is all in a stanly roll around tool box it runs great for hours on end. Wish I was rich I would have a sil-air!!!!