New compressor - the 2nd one....



When I bought my first Compressor 2 months ago. It's not what I want since it has 2 problems
1. It's not portable - it weight 20 kg
2. It make a lot og noise. I can't share the same room when it's refill itself.

So I'm looking for a really quiet and one that doesn't weight a lot. My aim is not to pass the 700-800$. I would be happy to a have a 400$ compressor but I don't know if I will find one - it's really bad. I posting it to Israel so the shipment probably will be huge and the tax is around 20%....I know that's it's possible to post it to US (courier adress) and then have it post to Israel - if anyone try it and it's cheaper I would like to hear...
I think that my favorite is silentaire
I was disappointed to find out that "Super Silent 50-TC" and its brother weight around 20kg also the cousin "Super silent 20-A" which look really small weight 20 kg also. Am I mistaken?
I'm going to pay a lot and I want this one to last for years and not for 2 months.. there are no room for trail and error....:ambivalence:
my application are: painting on walls, t-shirts, not very demanding....
I will appreciate any advice, suggestions, things to consider and exoriences from people who use the ones I mention above
What about Bambi from the UK? Remember to check out power requirements as well. The US uses 110v and the UK 220v. I don't know what you guys use.
I have a silentaire tc 30 for. 6 years now, i have no complaints, you can work on any type of surfaces with no problem.

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I try to figure out what the difference between Super Silent 30-TC, Super Silent 50-TC and Super Silent 20-A
there are 3 difrences as far as I can see
the 20-A is more silent a bit
they different regarding horse power and CFM free air
what does it mean having a higher cfm and HP value?
can anyone explain?
and do those 3 provide constant air flow? in my compressor the air pressure drops when I push the trigger....
The air flow is constant, I changed the tank for a 3 galons for more storage, so that way the compressor works less for a period of time.

Wicked, AutoAir Createx colors
Eclipse HP Cs and omni 5000...
If you're painting murals on walls and t-shirts, I would suggest as a minimum the 30-TC, but the 50-TC would be better as it has a higher CFM and HP. CFM is cubic feet per minute output of the compressor and the higher the cfm, the less the compressor has to run to keep up with demand for air. Typically, higher HP (horse power) is what provides the higher cfm. Painting shirts and walls, that 30-TC will run almost non-stop. Most shirt painters get something like the Sil-air 50-15. Also, keep in mind these are oil lubricated compressors that use a special synthetic blend oil that must be changed once or twice a year. You can not use just any compressor oil because if you do, you will damage the compressor. You will need to buy this special oil every so often to maintain the compressor, so you should keep that in mind from a cost stand point. Another alternative for you is the California Air Tools compressors. They are a bit noisier than the Silent Air, but still very quiet and they are oil free so you won't have the added expense of buying the oil every year. They are also much cheaper than the Silent Air compressors.
Here's another source for the silent compressors: Werther International. They look just like the Silent air compressors because they are the same thing, just painted black and called the "Panther". They are all imported from Italy by Werther.
Hey Snuf, I just found this information: There are two Jun-Air distributors in Israel. Jun-Air makes silent compressors just like Silent Air. You may want to contact them before you spent the Shekels to import a compressor.

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Hi JTairbrush
You are awesome :). Judging by what your wrote I thought you are from Israel :)
But u made me think twice. There is not really a necessity to buy it from over the sea and the ocean...