New etching on Iwatas


Air-Valve Autobot!
My Eclipse was replaced because some of the chrome was vanishing from the inside bottom of the cup. Performance was still perfect but this worried me. Not a bit of hesitation from the Iwata head honchos when they came to visit.

Anyway, I see the markings are different. It is not as deep as previous and on the reverse side it has some more writing. The ones in South Africa comes from Anest Iwata in Italy. Also check how Iwata is spelled.

Oh, and I do no like my serial letters. All I have in my head is "Mike Hunt".

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Never saw the INEST on the airbrushes, and "IWATA" on capital letters.. I might be wrong or might be a new factory production. :)
I have never seen then that way...... Wonder what's up??? Also that's a nice glob of glue you have there :)
I have the same issue in my brand new Iwata Revolution , let's see if in your new model the chrome last longer
I have a H&S and they have the same problems with the chrome and everyone speaks bad of it.
Hence they made the CR edition, funny to hear that Iwata hase the same issues now.

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