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Hey everyone! I stumbled across this forum while looking for info on getting into airbrushing. I'm really interested in picking up this hobby because I really love art, but I have lost my passion for drawing over the years. As a kid and young adult, I drew daily. These days I put out maybe one cool drawing a year. I don't think it is because of a lack of desire, just boredom I suppose. I love the speed at which ABing puts details on paper and with a much more impressive result. I'm certainly not the best artist on the planet and only consider myself average at best. I tend to be the type of artist that has an easier time looking at something and drawing it than doodling things from my imagination. I'm hoping that skill will transfer over to this hobby nicely.

Anyway, I currently have a bunch of other passions that I can't do as much as I like because they are so expensive. I have a few project motorcycles and I'm an avid gun collector (really I enjoy smithing). Hopefully this can be added to those skills and maybe work with them (I'm thinking custom paint on the bikes and custom Cerakote on the guns).

On to what I need, so feel free to chime in if I've missed something.

I'm looking at spending about $100 on the AB itself. I'm eyeing an Iwata Revolution CR, a secondary moisture filter/regulator, and some Comart or Wicked paints (primaries in both opaque and trans).

I have a pancake air compressor (with regulator) and a braided hose with quick connects that I picked up from Harbor freight. I also have one of their bottom feeding "advanced" AB, but I've only used it to paint a few firearms with zero detail; just even, solid coats.

I honestly can't think of anything aside from that to start out painting on paper. Let me know what you guys think.
Welcome.... and yup .... your one of us Southern Boyz. Guns, bikes, and "others"... airbrush 'em all LOL!!!! I am about 8-9 hours north and east of ya. From your short list looks like you have done some good research and figured out whatcha need. Looking to see some work get posted.

You sound like you suffered from what I did. Drew most of my schooling away and then just got disenchanted. Always wanted to AB and then came across Mitch's you tube vids and got that re ignited again. So now I am messing around a bit and learning. The curve is well enough to keep me interested for quite a while.
Hello and welcome
Sounds like you on the right track :)
Paper is good to practice on. So it wood, aluminium, plastic… anything really.
Welcome to the forum, you will feel at home here. Some great artists here both AB and drawing. You never know you might get your drawing legs back.

Enjoy your stay

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
welcome from sunny South Africa

as much as I LOVE the H&S infinity - you cant go wrong with Iwata, and being in the states you could also get a badger (both brilliant brands).
That second water trap will work well for you - If you haven't thought of it already - get some quick releases. afaik the quick releases for ABbing are all standard, BUT the threads are not all standard. (specifically badger). nothing worse than getting all you stuff and finding that you cant put it all together.
comart is great for art work and even though you can use it straight from the bottle, I normally reduce it a lot, Andre sometimes reduces it more than 10:1 (reducer:paint). but then you have to watch your pressure too.
good luck and this is the right place to be asking as many questions as you need :)
Hello and welcome from PA, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but "news flash" EVERYTHING is expensive these days including airbrushing so if you love it then go for it! LOL
Hi from the uk, you're gonna love the AB. Learning to use it can be a bit frustrating, but the rewards of sticking with it are huge. Lots of great artists here to keep you on the right track, and you are starting out the right way by getting decent kit.
Thanks for all of the replies! I've still not committed to buying anything just yet, but I'll post as soon as I do. I've decided to hold off for just a little longer until I move into my new house. It is almost complete and I should close on Dec 20th. I figure, until then, I'll just keep researching and narrowing down what I believe is needed to get started.
Sounds like you are the Atlanta version of me minus that guns.... I like them and all, just don't have any :) and that I'm in Chattanooga.

I an the same way with drawing what I see. If I can see it I can duplicate it and it always frustrated me that I couldn't just put down what's in my head, believe me there is a lot in there!! Airbrushing for the last 3 years has helped me out with that tremendously!! By studying the reference pic I have a much better grasp of how to lay down what's in my head.
If I were you though, I would save for the Iwata eclipse and bypass the neo. Or you could try te badger renegade series Krome. It cost less than the eclipse but more than the neo, and it comes with 2 different size nozzles so it's like 2 separate brushes.

"If your not willing to learn, no one can help you. If your determined to learn, then no one can stop you!!"