new from South Africa



Hello my new family J
One day, not long ago (last year October to be exact) I was browsing the internet for some pencil tutorials and stumbled upon airbrushing!!!! I was bitten!! I now suffer an incurable illness called The need to know more!!! And the need to do it all the time. But because, no one I personally know was bitten by the same bug, I had no one to turn to for advice!! At first I thought it should be a piece of cake, me being such a brilliant artist and all ;) boy was I humbled!!! it is quite a different dimension all together!! I phoned almost every paint shop in South Africa, but to no prevail!! I then somehow got hold of a guy selling real airbrush paint (whoooo hooooo) but it is way too expensive to mess around with!! the next thing I had to do, was find someone who would be able to teach me how to airbrush, the same kind of detail I am able to draw or paint (with a paintbrush) then I staggered or should I rather say daggered (LOL) upon air brush tutor (I am a fan) I’ve learned so much just by reading, and practice almost every day until midnight, keep in consideration I have a normal 8-5 job. Is there anyone out there in South Africa!! Who could give me advice on where to buy what!!!????
P.S I got my first brush on 2 January this year yeay!!!

for the record, i am struggeling much more figuring out this forum than how to handle a air brush :ghost::ghost:
Welcome aboard this happy little forum, you will fit right in here my friend,any questions just dive in but try checking the search bar first as its probably already been asked. Have fun and dive in:)
Welcome Home J
You have found the right spot , great people great advice and lots of fun times ...
welcome matey!!! andreza is also from s.a and will probably be along soon for a bit of advice
Welcome from the U.S.A.! This forum is the place to be! Jump right in and join the fun!!
Hi Cornelia, I'm from Jo'burg. Welcome here and shout if you need stuff. Who's the guy that sold you real airbrush paint and what paint is it?
welcome, i know what you mean on getting bitten by this art form, it is amazing.
Hi Cornelia, from the UK. I had to laugh at your intro, sounds just like me. I can do art, how hard can airbrushing be???? Lol! Seriously though, sounds like you caught the bug, same as the rest of us addicts, and with your enthusiasm will soon be putting us to shame. Shout out if you have any questions, and post some of your work for some geniune costructive criticism. No Trolls here, just friendly, if slightly clinically insane on occasion, people.
His Name is Nelson from Vereeniging. DNA paints, he has candy colors and trident paints, glow in the dark, and neon colors. if you pm me your email I will forward his detail to you, it looks like i accedently deleted the calalog :(. I just couln't afford the paint yet.
Hi Cornelia, and welcome from New York, USA. I have always admired airbrush work at car shows and wanted to learn. I was bitten by the bug this past August and bought my first brush in September. Since then I have bought another airbrush and haven't stopped since. So, welcome to the club and I hope to see some of your work posted.