New Guy from CA



Hey Guys,

I just though I'd stop by and say hi. I recently picked up an Iwata CS just lookin' to have some fun with it. 10 years ago I used to paint model airplanes with a cheap Testors AB and man is the Iwata light years ahead! Anyway, I'll be lurking around just looking for tips and inspiration.

- Mike
Thanks for the welcome, guys! On a side note, I'm totally excited to find out that CoastAirbrush is 20 minutes from me. I'm seriously considering taking a few of their classes. There goes my next several paychecks...
Welcome Home Mike, No more lurking get to posting and showing up some of your model painting.
You are now a part of the largest family on the planet and we want to get to know you better...:D
Hi Mike, welcome aboard. You'll find great art, lots of inspiration and great people here :)
Welcome to the Forum Mike, lurking time is now over, we'd all like to see some of your work. Theres no end of talent here and everyone is willing to help your learn.

Hey kraaazy, welcome home buddy.if painting, good vibes, friendliness and laughs are your bag then you have come to the right place.....enjoy yourself and feel free to post up any questions you may have, there pretty much is a section for everything
A warm welcome from the UK Mike. Sure you will pick up loads of tips here as everyone is so helpful.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I've been reading up a lot but admittedly not firing up the brush as much as I should for practice. Been busy with work and going back to school. Here's the kind of stuff I'm used to doing. Simple, flat, no thrills paint jobs. So doing creative pieces of art is going on a serious limb for me :nightmare:


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