New Guy from Nova Scotia




Just joined the site after watching airbrushtutor videos for about 2 weeks straight.

I've done a little bit with airbrushing, but was limited on how much to practice with my old job. Since changing careers, I've got a bunch more time that I can get back into airbrushing.

My previous experience was mostly airbrushing props and costumes, and a little bit of t-shirt work. Started off with my little work horse, a Paasche H single action (prop painting with him, mostly), and picked up an Iwata HP-SBS side feed for my more detailed work at the time. They've served me well, but like I said, need more practice.

Looking forward to learning as much as I can from here and sharing what little I know.

Welcome home bentneedle ,,,I love the handle cause I think all of us have bent a needle or 2 in our time..

Look forward to seeing your work even the props....
welcome from sunny South Africa - ya - I just bent my infinities needle this weekend - blegh - from clumsiness - in those cheap AB holders that clamp onto the table. I think I need a new system when using more than 2 ABs at a time.
fantastic place to learn and have fun and stuff :)
Hi bentneedle, I love my HP-SBS it's a great airbrush. Welcome to the Forum.
Cheers Mel
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hello and welcome from the US, this is definitely the place to learn....tons of talent and info to be shared.
Welcome along buddy I'm sure you will fit right in here... loads of cool like minded folk to learn from.... enjoy your time and dint be afraid to ask questions