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hi guys, new to the forum. a little background... im 30 years old been a mechanic/ body man my whole life for the most part. i have some college time in for photojournalism after i got out of the automotive business(which for the last 2 years got back into unfortunately). i originally picked up airbrushing as a hobby to do on cars while at the body shop.. i had(still have) a couple paasche VL siphon feeds that automotive urethanes were not nice to lol... for starter airbrushes they werent bad to learn on till stuff started to get gummed up...
my first real thing i did that i actually showed to the public was a hood for a car that i built, a 1998 pontiac sunfire.. i did this with the paasches and automotive grade urethanes.... its a bit sloppy i know but i was darn proud of it :D.. this was back in 2005

after quitting the bodyshop to move on to higher education and, in theory, a better life, i started working at walmart to pay bills for college, than just to pay bills... than got married, bought a house and now have a 3 yo son... going back to college is looking dim. lol... well rummaging around in the basement, i came across my old drawing supplies and started doing a little drawing again and that sparked the airbrush bug again.. the paasches had been sitting in their boxes still clogged with auto paint... i use them for coverage now for spraying base colors.. for my birthday this year i decided to start back up right and bought an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS which has been amazing, also picked up a neo for $20 after hobby lobbys 40% discount... just cuz.. both gravity feeds...figured id start out with a good quality brush... been loving the eclipse ever since.. using the basic createx colors... dont want to clog these up and i clean them regularly :D

my first picture i figured some repetition was in order to start relearning(and learning new stuff i didnt know) i decided to do a variation of the spiderman movie poster and im kinda proud how it came out for the first thing i had done in a very long time

than i decided to stay with movie posters and have started on a punisher set up

its still a work in progress, ive thought about scrapping it in and starting over because i know i can do that skull better, i draw it all the time ... but as a reflection on wet pavement, i do think it looks okay

lemme know and thanks guys! i know i suck but i enjoy doing it so it doesnt matter lol
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sounds awesome TB :) welcome from sunny South Africa

looking forward to seeing the spiderman poster. :)

edit - your links are now showing - looks awesome :D
Hello and welcome from PA, you found the right place for lots of great talent and knowledge from people willing to share it.
Welcome to the forum from NH

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Nice work!! Welcome aboard!! Cant wait to see others that you come up with!! Ps..dont scrap the punisher, looks cool!!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: