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Hey everybody! Just starting to get into the airbrushing scene. I have always been artistic and have been interested in airbrushing but never had the time. I started a small business restoring and customizing kids battery operated ride-on cars such as Power Wheels and figured airbrushing would be a truly unique touch to them.
Welcome Home Spastik You have found a great place to hang out have a good time and learn.
Hey, welcome to the forum. I think you will like it around here. That would be a great addition to your business. I'm what kid wouldn't want a custom paint job. Good luck!

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Thanks alot! Great to be here! Just trying to figure out which ab to start with. my mom works right down the road from a harbor freight and see saw the "deluxe" model ab they sell for a whopping $23 and thought she would surprise me with it since she heard me mention getting into airbrushing. Haven't heard many good reviews on it so I've thought about taking it back but don't wanna hurt mamas' feelings either. lol
hi from the uk. Maybe keep that brush since you already have it to experiment with different paint finishes, or for large areas if it can handle it, but you'll want something better for sure.
Hi and welcome to the forum, Spastik. A good brush will bring better results. As, Squishy said, you can use your Harbor Freight brush to experiment with.
Hey bro welcome, squishy is right, the brush you have erik get you started but for sure of ib a month or 2 you erik ver looking at getting something better, seeing as though you are stateside I would really recommend badger airbrushes, they have a great range suitable for beginners and pros, any advice ib this subject just ask and you wil have plenty of answers to pick through
Welcome to the family, buddy!! I would love to see some tricked out power wheels!!


Yeah, they turn out pretty cool! Just wish I would've had one when I was a kid! My 4 year old daughter loves always having a different one to drive. She helps me with em all the time. I already taught her how to wire LED's into them. :) You can see a few that I've done at Thanks again everybody for the advice! I can see I am going to be addicted to this site!