new guy here



Hi all,
So I picked up an airbrush about a month ago to paint a foam rc plane...and now im hooked. being a sifi geek I really enjoy painting space scenes, planets, nebulas, purplish splotches on black backgrounds lol.
here is this mornings attempt


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Make sure to hook up with ferret, he likes to paint galaxies and nebulas.

Welcome to the addiction that is Airbrushing.
First comes the addiction, next comes the airbrush hoarding.... Ummmm... I mean... airbrush collecting. yeah.... its not hoarding....

Welcome to the forum. Jump in and have some fun
Welcome from australia! nice space work too :) keep at it and don't give up!!!
thanks for the worm welcome. I plan on doing a lot of stalking and learning from these pages. at the moment i am using a neo airbrush from Iwata I am happy with it but have the itch to get something of a better quality (feeling the onset of hording lol) any suggestions?

After todays attempt I discovered that I really need to learn how to cut circles


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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: