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I am a wood worker and tired of brushing on Acrylic paints and I think it would be really nice just to spray it on. Nothing fancy! I was looking at harbor freight tools and the reviews were good and bad so I went to amazon and reading and come to realize there is A lot of different applications for it. Then I ended up here. And reading about double action trigger, siphon, gravity, okay I swiming here help :) lol so what would I need for single color acrylic paint. Thanks I my next stop figure out how to use it. Thanks
Hi from the uk. Definately go with a double action brush, you will have much more control. Siphon versus gravity is a matter of preference and also depends on the size of what you want to spray. I prefer the way a gravity fed brush feel in my hand, and feel much more comfortable holding it. However they tend to have small paint cups, which means lots of refilling if you want to cover a larger area. Siphon fed brushes are many peoples favourite, and the bottles can hold much more paint. Hope that helps a bit.
Hello, Thank you for the reply. I ended up at Harbor freight tools and found this Central Pneumatic double action air brush. It was only $20, So this should be a good starter for me and once I get it down I will know what better gun to buy. I watched some Youtube Videos on how to use it and thinning paint. thanks
Welcome from Holland. I'm unfamiliar with the Central Pneumatic hardware and I hope it does what it is advertised to do. If it doesn't, you can get a lot of sound advice from experienced users on this forum that are glad to help.
Waste of money long time ago bought a six pack from them mainly for the hoses and holder tried the airbrushes out junk complete junk you would be better off with a single action badger for models than this