New Here and to airbrushing. My first painting also (eye)



Greetings all. I am very new to airbrushing. I took some art classes in college but have been outta the loop with art for the last 10 years. I had a cheapy testors single action airbrush years ago that I used a few times on some models but it did not work very well. My birthday was on Monday and my wife surpised me with a new airbrush, compressor, paint and and easel. I originally wanted an iwata eclipse cs but the cheapest I could find it was around 130.00 shipped. She found me this Master G23 dual action airbrush on amazon for 10.00 shipped. So far it seems like a carbon copy of the eclipse. Its working great for me so far. I might upgrade to an ecplise one day but for 10 dollars you cant beat this! The first few days i just worked on lines, shading and dagger strokes. Last night I took a stab at they eye. I freehand sketched it on my newsprint pad and then started painting. I was done in about an hour. Turned out okay for my first picture with an airbrush. I have the spectra tex airbrush color set with opague paints. They seem to be working really good with low pressure and I have had very few instances of tip-dry. This site is great and I have learned so much watching the how to vids. Love them! They are so enteraining! Cant wait to see the next vids!! Keep up the Great work! Here's my first eye! Mostly all black but I did add a tad of blue cause I felt like experimenting with some color. I must say, Im hooked on airbrushing already!

Welcome aboard mate, you are off to a great start, don't be afraid to ask anything about AB ing. Enjoy:)
Hi and welcome to the forum :) , your eye looks good for your first attempt with an airbrush.
Welcome! Looks good for your first piece. I must warn you this forum becomes very addicting!! Haaa! There is tons of great info and stuff to check out and everyone on here is helpful and super friendly. All around great place to learn and chat!
thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to painting some more this weekend. Will post my next painting.
nice one bro......i like the shapes in the iris....i can't seem to get the hang of them.
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