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Hi friends my name is Addison i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum....
Anyways would you like to introduce your self...??
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Hi Addison how are you? you've got one of those 'could be male, could be female names'? i'm assuming private practise Addison so let's say female!
Welcome to the forum we hope you get a lot out of it:)
Welcome Addison from the UK...hey..has anyone told you..this is the best and friendliest AB forum on the net ha ha! Enjoy and we look forward to seeing your work:)
Welcome Home. You have found the most friendly airbrush forum on the web, Look forward to seeing your work .
I'm thinking addison is male so I'm saying .....welcome to the forum brother!!
Hey addison from the uk! I caused some confusion about my gender with my name, and I say, keep 'em guessing Lol!
I have yet to meet a male named Addison , But I like what Squishy said keep us guessing.
Hey from Sydney Addison, how long you been airbrushing for?
Welcome from Florida Addison. Join in and have fun. By the way, ummm male or Doesn't matter but check out the put a name with a face posts. Great to have you here.