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Hi, I'm 29 years old live in Florida, and I love drawing. I bought my first airbrush kit on amazon and tried it out got aggravated with it and put it up. So later I found Pasco paint pens and been using them an getting good with them. So now I am thinking of giving my airbrush a second chance. I have a Gravity feed dual action Master Model G22 with a small air compressor and I have water based Spectra paint. I like drawing skulls and other random stuff. I'll post a couple up if anyone likes to see them, painted or unpainted. Be advised though, the painted ones are not with a airbrush.
Thanks for letting me join :)
Hey, welcome, this place is amazing, everyone here can help you out tons and point you in the right direction with your airbrushing.
thanks for the welcome, and I noticed. I searched through the forum a little before joining.
Welcome to the forum
from NH. Jump right in the forums warm.

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I was trying to share a couple pics but I guess you have to post a few times before doing that.
Welcome to the forum, everyones here to help out if you are stuck or have trouble. I think you need to have 5 or 10 posts to post a link

Welcome. You're in good company down there in Florida. Jump into the conversations and have some fun
thanks everyone! :)0823131240-00.jpg305493_271015022939671_253043199_n.jpg
Here are a couple of my work
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The clock is done by my paint pens, the shirt is airbrushed/ paint pen. Here is one of my other projects. I know its not a airbrushed job or a pinstriping but its still water based acrylic paint.309354_252509424790231_1009217646_n.jpg309354_252509431456897_1627864916_n.jpg309354_252509438123563_674247961_n.jpg310470_252510578123449_417496046_n.jpg309354_252509434790230_1066432872_n.jpg
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hi from the uk Alberto, lots of people get frustrated when they start, so just keep persevering.
Welcome home , Airbrushing takes a lot of practice, learning to find the right air pressure or the right paint reduction , Sometime it is the brush but most times it is just learning to use the equipment.
Hello Albert and welcome from PA, I started with the Master G23 set and quickly found that if you expose it to solvent based cleaners/reducers or soaking even in water often the O-rings/seals will swell and not function properly. I think if they would use different seal system they probably could be a viable option for a beginner but as is now I would say no. I went to the Badger Velocity and I feel you cant beat it for the price...($95).
Hi Albert, The only difference between the G22 and G23.....G22 has .3 needle & nozzle same as the G23 but 23 has the extra cut out and limiter on the tail piece....and of course money. they both are identicle except for what I stated. They both have same O-rings / seals but all parts for the two models are interchangeable.