New Jedi Master in my town


Mac-Valve Maestro!

I have dozens of airbrushes. I discuss, research, collect, restore and test them, but in 30 years I have used only ONE of those in particular for my scale modeling projects, 99.999999999% of the time: My trusty CP1500 which is a knock off of the Badger 150. It has been with me since 1993 and still performs like day one. I've been meaning to use others, but it is always there, on high alert ready to jump into action at the slightest provocation. That's the one I recently customized the handle.

Today is a special occasion: That has changed! I recently got another Badger 150 (my second 150), probably from the late 70's or 80's, in gorgeous condition. It feels amazingly smooth and it begged to be more than just "tested".
So I took it for a real ride. This is a project I'm currently working on: A 1/25 scale auto cross race car based on a 1984 Corvette. It will have a wilder than usual paint job. The surface was worked for days. Then primer was applied and worked for days as well. Last night I used this Badger 150 to lay the first coat of color and Wow! I'm Happy!
This is just the first base coat of Cobra Colors Chevrolet Victory Red lacquer. It will be sanded down to almost nothing before applying 2 or 3 real coats, clear and the rest of the process.

So, while the old Jedi will still be around, there is a new one to help keep order in these parts of the Galaxy.

By the looks of things, you have 2 workhorses in your stable now.
Great start, can't wait for the build thread.