New Member Introductions



Hello everyone from Rochester, New York. I Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Michael Bailey and I've been an Art teacher for 16 years now. I have been Airbrushing for over 25 years and have used a variety of guns in the past. I prefer to use Iwata and right now am using an Eclipse HP-BCS. I find it to be an all around good gun. My favorite was the VEGA 2000 Which was made by thayer and Chandler but is has since been bought out by Badger. Not a big fan of them though. :) Anyway came across a video on Youtube from Airbrushtutor and thought I'd check out the site. I hope everyone is doing well and will post some of my work shortly.
welcome airbrush tutor is the greatest and all the good folks on here
Hello Michael and welcome to the forum. Always good to have someone with your knowledge here.
Welcome from Fl Michael, be great to see your work and learn from you as well. Mitch has really hit the spot with his approach to ABing and has built a great site with great folks. Enjoy the forum and again welcome.
Thank you to all who have replied to me. So far I am loving this site. It's good to finally have a place that is dedicated to the airbrush and is actually taken seriously. Cheers to all and can't wait to see everyone's work.
This place is serious with a heathy dose of fun :) which is great for new starters like myself.
Everyone seems to leave their ego elsewhere and impart honest constructive criticism with crushing enthusiasm which is great :)
Welcome from Northern Michigan. From a relative newbie, it will be great to have another experienced artist to help spread the love