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Hello, forum members. My name is Eddie and I am new to this forum, I discovered this forum by searching for forums about airbrushing as I have been a member of a guitar playing forum for some time. I see that there are some people here I already associate with on facebook, so I figured this one might be cool. I am not into the forum type sites where everyone is kind of negative and this one seemed more friendly...

I am a full time professional artist, including custom airbrush work in automotive and marine applications, as well as t-shirts, signage, body painting, fine art as well as other areas. I also work in hand brushing & pinstriping and vinyl.

I currently am in Key West, FL but frequently go back and forth between here an New Orleans, LA and have worked in other places such as the Outer Banks of NC, Pittsburgh, PA and Flagstaff, AZ at various t-shirt shops, sign companies and as a freelancer.

Looking forward to getting to know y'all and sharing information and stories, tips and whatnot.
Hello and welcome Eddie. This forum is the most friendly airbrush forum you will ever find in the whole wide internet :) . Here no one has to be afraid to post their first airbrush works
and getting bad comments or laughter, the people here are very friendly and always give good advices and constructive criticism. It´s always good to have another experienced artist
like you here on the forum to give us beginners some useful hints :) .
Welcome from the panhandle of Fl. Eddie. It will be great to learn from your experience. This is the best forum that Mitch has set up. Worldwide and friendly atmosphere. Love to see some of your work, so when you get enough posts show us some. Again welcome.
Welcome mate from the UK, real nice to have you with us, show, share and enjoy that's all we ask, and of course spread the love:)
Hi from the uk, hope to see some of your work soon, especially the automotive stuff. And I'm very jealous of your pinstriping skills!!!! Glad you've joined us, but one unfortunate side effect from my point of view Lol, I now have the song from The Rocky Horror Show on repeat in my head...."When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy, we knew he was a no-good kid..." Lol!
thanks for the welcomes. As soon as I have the required amount of posts I will post some photos. I probably cannot post links yet, either, but if you check salvographica (dot) com there is a home page started for a website I am building with a few photos on it. Not much, but it's a start. I am not really fast with web-based promotion as word of mouth keeps me pretty much as busy as I can be, so that kind of stuff falls by the wayside for me. Anyhow, thanks again, and it seems like a good group here.
Welcome to the forum Eddie! I havent been here real long yet, but have already met a ton of great artists!! All willing to share what they know!

Oh, and btw, Ive been to your 5mile island loaded with clubs bars, I would be willing to bet that theres tons of work there for a guitarists as well as airbrush artists!!!!
Hello, I was able to add some images of a guitar I painted on the "members photos" page...I think I did it correctly, anyway (this forum works slightly differently from the other one I belong to) so forgive me and feel free to correct/critique if I made any errors. Thanks.

Sunset Stratocaster - Airbrush Forum's Photo Gallery