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Hi just like to say hello ,i have been trying to to learn how to air brush for ages but have only started and cant wait to get into it .I started modding xbox 360 console and would like to learn how to custom paint aswell i would like to learn how to paint as i am good drawer but bad painter and want to change that.I currently live in belfast anot to many people like to help over here .Iwould relly like to start airbrushing as a hoby aswell and i am keen to learn and will teach others what i learn too.
hope so m8 have lots of questions i am looking to start straight away i was wondering what paint i nee to start praticing with
Welcome home jason,
Well you can find your airbrush paint questions here as far as modding an Xbox well I have done one or two but that is for another forum...LOL
Welcome aboard my friend, you will get on just fine here, it's all in here somewhere just ready to go into your own nogging:)
hey there. im new on this place too, but its a wealth of indispensable knowledge. welcome
welcome from honduras,hope you call this place home like i do!!!:angel:
Welcome jason, as you see a wealth of friendly folk here to get you started so if you have any questions when it comes ti kit etc etc just ask