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So, I finally damaged the needle on my badger krome. It was a stupid mistake, one I watched happen in slow motion, and could have easily been avoided. Nevertheless, the ultra fine needle now had a 45 degree angle to it....handy for airbrushing around corners. I tried straighting it, but the thing ended up with a kink in it.

I decided to order a new needle and tip anyway....I have wanting a spare for some time but it was difficult to find any available. they arrived last Friday, and over the weekend I had the most frustrating time as it seemed I had to relearn to airbrush. My I had polished my previous needle a few times, so the end of it actually tappered to a finer point than the new needle, and my old nozzle seemed to be a fraction wider...I had probably flared it a bit whenever I was cleaning. But the thing seems to spray ok still. It was definitely the ultra fine 0.22 set up I have been using....all except for one part.

All this time, I have been using the air regulator for the 0.3 setup!!! A whole year and a half of needless frustrations:tired::laugh::cry::laugh::cry::laugh::cry::laugh:.

It wasn't until the new needle and nozzle have I realized the thing hasn't actually been spraying properly....I just learnt to accommodate, what I thought were airbrush idiosyncrasies of the brush.

Now I have a new learning curve ahead of me. Just thought I would share what a dingbat I truly am :whistling:
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You are definitely not alone:)

My apologies @Carnun , appropriately edited, lol
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Hey I have bent a needle too and I am sure almost all of us have at some point in time.
But on the bright side you can spray around corners which will make for some fun art:D
I have ground down a bent needle once or twice and polished it to make it function again . Granted I loss a bit of super fine detail in doing so but at the time it was the only airbrush I owned and the job need finished so I ordered a new one fixed (doctored) the old one and got it done.
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