[SOLVED] New nozzles, needle and cap


Gravity Guru
After a busy summer I have decided to replace the most important parts of the oldest of my airbrushes, two Aerograph Super63 and an Vintage Grafo. H&S that continued the famous Grafo Airbrush that I recon the best I have, could supply new nozzles and the needle for this older design, that is thicker than those used in the Grafo used today.

Note the difference where a small screw just behind the trigger hold the needle ;


The two Super63 was supplied with a high flow cap, -- I got the highflow nozzles, but it's advised not to use the high flow nozzles with fineline needles so I use the fineline nozzles with the high flow caps, untill I get the high flow needles ; Now about the Super63, it is my experience that it work much better with old fasion paints. Esp. the white acrylics are a problem with these as they soon get blocked with dried paint. I think the reson are the narrow cap for the Super63 as when I replaced that with the high flow cap that problem was solved.
--------- Don't know if anyone has an oppinion about this, but paints today are different than the old type waterbased paints I found, those that work perfect. Tip dry are it seem a major problem with the Aerograph Super63, but it seem this solve the problem.

Here my two Super63, after the cap been replaced with the high flow cap;

I am not familiar with these brushes, but I think it's good to replace parts, even if they look ok, after a period of time, due to wear. I must admit I am surprised that old paints work better. I suppose in a way it makes sense as the paints and brushes around at the time were designed to work together. But I just assumed more modern paints would have finer pigments that would work even better?

Anyway, looks like your guns will now be working as good as new, and ready for the next bunch of work.
The Aerograph Super63 carry allmost the same design as in 1905 , mechanical it is more advanced than a lot of today's and some will say to complicated so difficult to maintain. ---- In the 60's it and the frensh "Fisher", was the only airbrush you could buy in Dk. Aerograph Super63 was the first Airbrush I used back in 68 painting plastic fish with artist oil colors we thinned with terpentine and added sikkativ. "Airbrush colors" were like these ;


"Fruit color" and that was no good for painting a polyester fish foto realistic.
These paints you can still buy, I have 3 "skin tones" plusUmbra and Sepia from Schminke, thin as water and the type used for Airbrushing Foto's or to use on paper. The Nozzles I got for the Super63 are fittet with "O" rings but Fiber gaskets are to find if you use non waterbased paints. But a lot of people experienced that this airbrush, even it was "The airbrush" in Europ for allmost a century, are difficult to use with modern paints. For me there are a great deal of nostalgia in using them still, -- even I have more modern, -- and I seen it as a challance to find a way to make it possible to use Acrylics with less problems as the narrow cab's.
Thank's,--- true, I was to give a stencil to some friends, but used the wrong foto ( don't laugh, but when I showed the foto I used and was told ; Oh, that's not the right person", I had to do it all over and the four layer Stencil was just left on the shelf.
Now a month later I decided not to let it be but try use it, as it was one of the fastest multi layer set I cut --- I mean, why have a complete Vector drawing and a four layer unused stencil laying around. Maybe it will produce a fair portrait --- just one layer;