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I was invited to join this forum by jgny1 today. I will try to start posting and helping any one with question if I know the answer. I have been airbrushing for 32 years now and I don't plan on quitting any time soon.

Welcome Home Fred, It is nice to have someone with years of practice on here to help out,
A warm welcome from the UK ... Wow 32 years experience! You only have 31 years and 6 months more than me. Methinks you will be valuable addition to the forum!
I'll tell you Fred knows his stuff....first words of wisdom. don't try to erase paint that isn't really erasable LOL....I had a day today with Fred painting something for my wife and letting me watch and ask questions, here is what I got....Thanks again Fred the wife loves it. 1 Pic with flash and 1 without...
Hi Fred, just checked out your "favourites" threads, some awesome work!!! Welcome to the forum, you will have many admirers, and I'm sure will be able to give some great advice!
Thanks Jeff for posting these. I actually posted it just a minute ago. I had a great time doing this and it was nice to talk airbrush face to face. I hope I have helped. If there is anyone else in the western NY area that wold like to visit just let me know. Everyone is welcome. We are all in a perpetual state of learning, myself included.

Hey fred welcome brother, I'm certain we will all learn heaps from you so great to have you aboard! Hopefully
In return you may learn a couple of new techniques from some of our many talented members....all the best fred
Fred!! Happy to see to over here buddy!!! I know your willing to help anyone, because you helped me a ton over at TABF!!! Welcome to the family!!