NEW! PLOTTER MASTERY DVD featuring Scott Mackay by Airbrush Action



NEW! PLOTTER MASTERY DVD featuring Scott Mackay coming in February! Also, there's still time to register for Mackay's Plotter Mastery 4-day hands-on course at the Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, February 19-22 at the NEW Tropicana Hotel.
I think it's more of an ad than it is a video.

Yes it is an ad forthevideo, but the video isn't availible yet.
But just read some where is comes and of march instead feb.
I checked it out too, I only have a cameo but this may help a lot. I also looked at his personal site , from where I am standing now, its only about 25 miles maybe. I wonder if they do classes at the shop?

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Not really sure. Just got an email telling me when. Sorry
Excellent video for the beginners better than that over edited stuff they were throwing out there in the past.
I have thought about checking it out. I rented the old Alan Pastrana vid, was not impressed. Most seem to center on Adobe, and a large plotter. I have a 12" cameo, and its included studio software, so much does not apply, unless I can figure the translation to Inkscape and Gimp.

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