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hey guys new guy here. I have caught the airbrush bug, recently picked up an Iwata power jet lite compressor on ebay to start. I am looking to get an HP-C plus for my acrylic paintings and caricature work mostly. I have used an airbrush about 20 years ago. It was an Aztek. I did get the feel and some experience with double action, but at the time found the whole process too finicky. I am hoping with the new colours and technology the process will be easier, because I love what this too can achieve. My main goal is to use the airbrush for gradated skies and water with the addition of brushwork in detailed landscape work and smooth tones for caricatures and portraits. Who knows where this will take me. This is a great site and I hope to post some of my first airbrush paintings when I get up and going.:courage:
HP-C+ is a great brush. But like most hairy brush artist , You may find your self using the airbrush more and more.

Lorenzo Sperlonga combines hairy brush with airbrush and turns out some of the hottest pinups out there.

Welcome to the forum.
Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum, I've just checked out your website ( Dan Malstrom Art - Home ) and I must say I found it pretty impressive, so much so that if I may say so, I find that your skills have earned you the right to a more top of the range example for an airbrush, for most of us it makes sense not spend too much money on something we might not excel at, but in your case your money would only be an investment in such airbrushes as the Micron or top line Badgers and Harder & Steenbeck.

I loved your caricatures, you have a very good knack of picking out key features and exaggerating those to create something which is not only funny, but also does not hide your obvious talent.

I hope you do post some of your material, but even more importantly you talk about your love for lighting on your website, some of us struggle a little in that regards, since your paintings show your vast understanding in this area, perhaps you could do a thread for us explaining how you use lighting to such good effect, I for one would be extremely grateful.

Please do remain active amongst us, I feel you have a lot to offer many of us.

Lastly, I hope one of our very understanding mods has spotted your site and promotes you instantly to the rank of accomplished artist as with our Marissa and Ignis, "Young tutling" just doesn't fit your prifile. lol
It is a great brush, was my very first one i ever owned and still is my go to workhorse. Very nice work on your site! You will definetlly enjoy adding the airbrush to your arsenal!
The HPC Plus is a great airbrush . Based on what you describe you would like to do with it I would also check out the HPCS
if you are looking at the Iwatas . It has a .35 nozzle to the .3 that the plus has , it only slightly smaller .
here at coast airbrush we have always offered an even larger nozzle , needle and aircap for it as well (.5)
l it might come in handy for the background work . The Eclipse series also has a much larger passage way between the cup and nozzle which works much better for heavier paints . (Less resistance ). I did a video for our other website that shows the entire Iwata line if you would like to check it out .
Here is the link
The cost of this airbrush is much less then the plus . For 22.50 you cold also get the larger nozzle setup.

We do have a few specials running right now on our site if you would like to check them out
Nice to see you get back into airbrushing !
many thanks for the compliments and comments guys, pleasure to be aboard, appears to be a very helpful insightful, kind bunch around here. I have some reading to do on the many threads to get a feel for what has been said etc....into the new year I hope to be "blowin air" and post some of my efforts. David, I saw the HPC listed on ebay for $178.00 from Machu. looks like a good price I may go that route, but will surely check out your prices as well. I am not 100% on all the international costs involved in shipping from that far away.