New to air brushing & need help.



I bought this cheap air brush kit and it comes with some acrylic paint made by U.S. Art Supply. My problem is it's very hard to get the paint out of the cup. I used the cleaner that came with the kit but had to use acetone to get it clean. It it the paint or is it me? Surely it can't be me. LOL Here is a picture of a sign I made and this is the type of thing I will be spraying.

Thanks for any help.

That paint will have to be thinned down to the consistency of milk before it will spray properly.
My son has that exact setup he uses at parties for face painting with finger paints. Thinning and straining is my best suggestion.
If you already tried to put the thick paint through it or did not strain first, use the instructions that came with it
to break down the brush and give it a good cleaning before you try again.
Thanks; No I didn't thin the paint as it said on the bottle ready to use. I will take your advice.
More likely just a badly polished cheaper brush and "some paint" could be your problem too LOL..Many use a Master Airbrush and is a good enough gun to try out and have a little fun with but don't hold huge expectations for that airbrush, may last a few paintings, may break tomorrow ;) Signs would look nice sprayed with stains and using different stain colors can create quite interesting wood art but yer get some branded paint and try again, if still the same consider a different airbrush.