New to airbrush from Ontario Canada



Hello everyone my name is Lee and I am new to airbrush. I am 30 years old and was diagnosed with lymphoma in Feb. of this year and have had some time to kill so I decided to start airbrushing and found the airbrush tutor on you tube and i have improved quite quickly after watching the videos. I cant wait to see what else i can learn from him.
Welcome to the forum from the US.

Sorry to hear about the lymphoma, stay positive.

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Hello and welcome Lewis, this is a great group here and people always ready and willing to help!
Welcome aboard mate, you won't a friendlier bunch of fruit loops willing to help you on your AB'ing journey:)
Enjoy and keep spreading that love my friend!
Thanks everyone looking forward to learning more on here and getting ideas to better my airbrushing skills
this is my first attempt at the eye tutorial i know its rough but i have only been airbrushing for 3 weeks what do you guys think
Hi Lee welcome aboard from Calgary. Stay positive my friend we're here if you need us. That's a great first attempt, well done. LOL, you're board in the background looks like mine, dagger strokes, lines and dots :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can callthis place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome to the madhouse Lee, along with a few laughs, you may pick up the occasional tip Lol! All the help you'll ever need right here!
made an attempt at a tshirt sunset. Script lettering is gonna be tough to learn sunset.jpg
Welcome home Lee nice to have you in the family ,

I like the sunset scene ..
Umm Lewis, only 3 weeks??? take it easy bro you making me look bad lol, just kidding keep up the good work....GO Canuks lol
Welcome to the forum Lee, your eye was looking good for 3 weeks so keep hat level of learning up. As everyone else has said lots to learn here and lots of like minded peeps willing to help. Take it easy and post your next stuff up.