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I am a newcomer to the airbrush community and I'm failing at the basics. I purchased the Central Pneumatics airbrush compressor and kit. The kit comes with incomplete instructions regarding the miture of the paint stating only to "use the proper mixture". Long story short...I've ruined two air brushes and have yet to spray anything but water through the third airbrush. Can you guide me to any specific instructions on proper mthods for mixing paint and other basic instruction?
Hi G - sorry for the late response..
Your situation sucks a bit - whenever i hear of anyone purchasing an 'airbrush-kit', i cringe a little as it's normally not satisfactory.
To see if what you've got will work, the rule of thumb for paint is to have it the same consistency as milk - if you have it at that consistency then the paint SHOULD work fine, however cheap paints just won't ever work fine.
The same goes with a cheap airbrush.
The same goes with a cheap compressor.
The majority, actually everyone I know who airbrushes does so with 'airbrush paints' - so you have to pay a little more, but you know the quality of the product you're receiving.
In terms of airbrush you might be able to get away with what you've got.. we probably won't know the airbrush?

I have no idea what equipment you're using, if you could post a link to your kit or if you could specify the equipment types? Alot of kits are aimed at temporary tattoos or something that doesn't require completely consistent spray.

Let us know your equipment and we'll see if we can help.
Where are you from also buddy?, if it comes down to biting the bullet and investing on a slightly more expensive (but working) airbrush then location may effect what feedback you get
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!what a terrible situation,kinda get a better brand that is no so expensive like badger or paasche.we are here to help you!!!:angel:
Fez i think its a Harbor Freight brand. Just had a little dig on the net. The Compressor is a standard quiet one without tank and the ab is a basic one but not the best.

GHahnenkamp, If there's a hobby lobby anywhere near they do 40% off vouchers. Good way to get a good ab cheap. The compressor will probably be ok for a while but I would recommend an inline filter to stop any possible water vapour issue. They're not expensive but well worth the investment. Let us know what equipment you actually have and post a pic if you can. this will help us work out the best answers and advice for you. Your other airbrushes are probably not ruined but just blocked. You will probably be able to salvage them for future use. Get some proper airbrush cleaner to clean the nozzle which should get rid of the paint blockage after a good soak. You could also use denatured alcohol or methylated spirits to clean the nozzle.

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Weolcome to airbrushing!!! Lol! You've just highlighted what I think are the main problems when starting out. You don't know what to buy, so a kit seems ideal. But generally the kit doesn't contain the best quality items, and so frustration soon kicks in. That's not to say it won't work, but it may not work well, or consistently, which when you are trying to learn is far from ideal, as you won't know whether it's inexperience, or the kit that is the problem. If the compressor doesn't have a tank, you will get pulsing, which also won't help. The other major problem is the phrase "use the proper mixture". That is misleading in itself as it implies there is a magic formula for mixing paints that just works. If you have tried to search for this formula you may have found it hard to find. That's because there really isn't one. There are too many variables. It depends on the type of gun you have, whether it's gravity or siphon fed, what paint brand you use, even what colour in that brand range you are using, what the temperature is like, how humid it is, what surface you are painting on,( textiles, canvas or metal for example may require a different ratio), whether you are trying to get super fine detail or cover larger areas, your personal painting style and preferences etc etc. Then you have to factor in your air pressure, again there is no set number as it needs to suit the paint mixture. When you get the balance right between the two, you will have found your sweet spot and life is suddenly good! Sounds confusing, but it's not really when you know, and you've come to the right place. When there is a bit more info on your kit and paint, then we can start to point you in the right direction. It takes a little experimentation at first, but it soon becomes second nature. The basic rule of thumb is that the more reducer you use, the lower the air pressure. If you are using proper airbrush paint it will have a recommended paint / reducer mix, but this is really just a starting point. Another common issue is that your airbrush works well at first, but next time splats, skips, and paint bubbles in the cup. That is down to cleaning, especially the nozzle, as Jord mentioned above. You think it's clean, it even looks squeaky clean, but that paint is sneaky and tricksy, and you'll be amazed at how much can stay in there. Also cheaper brushes tend to have rubber o rings instead of Teflon, which can get easily damaged/swollen with stuff like paint thinners, so get the proper stuff. The needles and nozzle are also usually soft and it is easy to bend the needle or flare the nozzle if you are a bit too vigorous when you clean them. Most of us have had similar issues when starting out, but you'll soon be on your way:encouragement:
Hope he sees our advice, i was pretty happy with the help i gave like i'd give it about a 6 out of awesome.
Hahahaha - jacked. Oh i didn't realise squishy wrote such a long post aswell??
Did you realise Trish has youtube video tutorials??? has she ever posted one?
I've never posted them, I only did a couple and they suck, I hadn't been ABing long. One day I'll get a good camera and try again, and try not to be such a tool LOL!
Hahahaha - jacked. Oh i didn't realise squishy wrote such a long post aswell??
Did you realise Trish has youtube video tutorials??? has she ever posted one?
whhaaaaaaaattt!, squishler why have you not brought this to my attention? Id love to see them...... What should I search for?
I've never posted them, I only did a couple and they suck, I hadn't been ABing long. One day I'll get a good camera and try again, and try not to be such a tool LOL!

Checked out your vid's Squishy, nice one!! Well I looked at 2, the space scene which I thought was great and the texture one which I liked the way you gave suggestions as to what you'd use the textures for. Good for you girl!!
Cheers Mel
ahaa found them, well done Squish. Great Vids. You have a nice voice and a great smooth wrist action and nice brush control too :p

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Ha Ha. Can't believe you watched them. I did warn you, Lol!
Stop it Trish!
They're actual tutorials! you should watch them - here: Trish the Squish's Videos!
They deserve their own thread - not some spammy jacked dag thread.
But it came up so i ran with it? I hope that's okay with everyone.
Oh and congrats to Toni and Greg - I was really happy for them - she gave him a tap in the head because she didn't know how to react hey. I've done similar things before that i'm not proud of.
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Ha ha, that's my Toni! When in doubt, hit someone round the head. Don't know where she gets it from LOL! As for the rest Compared to Mitch, Seamonkey, and all the other awesome vids around here, it's pretty cringe worthy. But if it helps anyone out, it's all good.
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