New to airbrushing and one of my first work



Hey guys im new to airbrushing and i have a problem please help.
I can airbrush a character, skulls but im lacking on creativity i want to learn to blend a theme together for example lets say a movie ,emm hulk for example i can airbrush hulk but i dont know what to use for backround, extra characters or anything else to make the piece and all the other characters backround blend together. Any tips from the masters out there?
Here is a motorcycle tank i made


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I just play around with some sketches. I might like one element from one sketch, and one from another, and just bring them together in one piece. Others use photoshop or, find images, take photos. There are many ways just got to find what suits you and get creative.
I mainly do helmets. Sometimes I just have a blank when it comes to making up my mind as to what to do. But then I finally decide on my main subject and get started, still not knowing what to do for background. But somehow I just find it comes to me and I get the project finished. Just use your imagination. After all it`s your artwork. Go with the flow. Love the tank. Good work.
Squishy you have some awesome work there
And meeshellMP loved the tank that you made and the pinups too
Ok you have the hulk and you want a background, you could fins pics of buildings for example, print them to size, cut them out and use them as a template. You might want to paint just grey wall behind or maybe some mountains. Basically find what you think will be suitable and if you can find a picture of what you want all the better. Your tank came out real nice.

I did an Ironman not to long ago. I put in a very simple background. I used hand cut paper and used a contasting blue candy. Simple, but effective and it didn't take away from Ironman...