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Hello Everyone :)

Names Tyler i'm from Manitoba, Canada.

Well I am an artist, native art to be exact. I use acrylic and recently I have just picked up an airbrush to help my with paintings, I am very stoked I picked up a Paasche Talon airbrush with a mini compressor. I have tried it out and I guess there is nothing I can do about the pressure huh, don't get much spray before the pressure gets too low, this was just practicing to see what kind of effects I can get. Its going to be very awesome once I get my control down, soon as I was done I dismantled the gun and brushed it so the paint wouldn't dry and get crusty in the gun, DO i have to do this all the time? I'm guessing I do huh....also is there nothing I can do regarding the pressure in my little container? is that just one of the drawbacks of having a little compressor? If i wanted a constant supply of pressure what kind of compressor would I have to get??

Many many questions :) which I hope get answered, I do have money and can upgrade my compressor if need be, my lil one was getting pretty hot with about 20 minutes of use, which i think is going to be a drawback for me, I really am looking forward to working on my talent and building skills with the airbrush gun. do they call it a gun or is just airbrush? haha

Yep thats my situation right now, I'm 28, Native Artist being an Accounting Tech on the side :p would put those two together huh? someone in an Accounting Career being an artist haha, i've heard it many times.
Welcome home , Nope not much you can do on that mini compressor mainly cause it does not have a tank.
Talon is a great little brush , You may find that you will have to reduce the paint a bit more due to your compressor and build the colors in layers.
nothing wrong with being an accountant . Heck President Ford airbrushed so how it that for going together...LOL
Welcome to the forum. This is the perfect place to be if you are just getting into Airbrushing. Always clean your airbrush when you are done using it. Don't want paint to dry in it. All I do to clean my Airbrush is first wipe out the cup, then put some cleaner in it and spray it through. I do this a couple times and then I back flush it to make sure no more paint is in the nozzle. Then I take out my needle and give it a wipe. Put some super lube on my needle and put it back together. If using urethanes I use lacquer thinner to clean. If water base I use a water and fantastic solution. I don't take my brush apart unless there is something stuck in the nozzle that won't blow out. If you make sure you get all the paint flushed you shouldn't have any problems. If it is a siphon feed just hook up a bottle with your cleaner and do the same thing. If you back flush on a siphon feed make sure you have another bottle of cleaner to use just for this. Back flushing puts contaminates in your bottle so you want one for cleaner and one for back flushing. Hope this helps you.
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Hey thanks for the advice I used my gun today on lunch break to paint on some canvas, I realized I didn't buy any cleaner for my gun. What should I use, i'm using waterbased paints right now, should I flush it with a Water/Mr.Clean mix?
I have never used Mr.Clean, But I have used windex and water. Regular water or some soapy water should do the trick. Here is a recipe for a home brew reducer/cleaner. 2 cups water, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol,1/2 cup fantastik or windex, 2 to 3 drops of glycerin. I use it more as a cleaner and leave the glycerin out. I try and stick with the recommended reducer with the paint line. But if used as a reducer add the glycerin to help with tip dry. Hope this helps.
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Hab! can you recommend a compressor? One that won't lose my pressure, appreciate you answering my questions, like i mentioned earlier I do have a few dollars to piss around with and will upgrade to a bigger compressor to maintain the pressure if need be. I will mix up that formula this weekend if I can find glycerine anywhere in my small town lol :D once again thanks.
I have the talon as well. Good airbrush. I like the .5mm needle for it a lot more than the .3. I felt I had way better control.

Number one tip I have for you. Be a fanatic about cleaning your airbrush and that will eliminate a ton of problems.

Good luck, stick to the practice sheets and you will do great.

m3ga008, I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction and I am sure there is someone that can give you a better answer about a good/quality brand compressors. They can get pretty pricey. The size you need really depends on what kind of work you plan on doing. Automotive work you want a compressor and tank that can run your sanders and spray guns as well as your airbrush. If your just using it for airbrush application then you can go with a smaller tank/compressor. Just something to keep in mind when shopping around. Sorry I couldn't help out more.
Welcome from Holland. Looking forward to see some of your work here...
I use the SilAir compressor. Nice and quiet...