New to airbrushing , what's best site for supplies?



Is there one site used by the more experienced in the us, with great pricing and shipping? I've gone to a few using google search and have compared to eBay but wanted to double check with the experts here.
Where on the globe are you located Maybach? There may be a local supplier nearby and what sort of paints are you thinking of. (Waterbased or eurothane)
I'm in Florida. :) looking mainly for supplies and createx. As paints mainly looking for createx, or perhaps bestnpaint for fabric and rubber use paints that are flexible. Looking to work on sneakers mainly.
Hi Maybach have you tried TCP Global I get some of my stuff through them, but also check out I've found a few good deals on there as well hope this helps
Can't help with suppliers I'm afraid as I'm uk based, but have you considered using wicked paints (same company as createx and auto air I believe). I think they are more lightfast than createx so less likely to fade, still water based acrylic so flexible, and also more versatile as you can use them on many other surfaces. Just a thought.
Hey Maybach, I personally use Coast Airbrush. They are located in Anaheim California. Their prices are good and they have just about everything for airbrushing and automotive painting supplies. I usually drive down there but I also order online sometimes and both have been great service. Their staff knows there stuff, so if you have any questions about airbrushing or automotive painting, they can answer your questions. Coast Airbrush
Also check out some local panel beater or auto paint shops, many stock airbrushing paint and equipment these days, gl :)
Chicago airbrush supply
Dixie art supply
Just to add a few...
Coast Airbrush has always treated me good with every order. Dave has personally offered advice and insights that have been very helpful.
COAST . Info and support on everything they carry is a phone call away
Never ordered from Coast, but I have ordered from Chicago Airbrush Supply and the customer service was pretty good. Then again, I didn't have any issues to work out. I'll certainly give Coast a chance soon.
I use Amazon for most everything. They have 16oz Createx and Spectra Tex paints under Prime with free two day shipping(If you have the prime membership)
Anything that Amazon doesn't have I use Coast Airbrush.
The Airbrush Store in Daytona. I've been using them for 20 years. Though I don't think they carry Createx, just AquaFlow.
Hi Maybach, Try Dixie Art Supplies in Louisiana, I think New Orleans, not sure. They have been in business for decades and have always been top notch. Being close by, the shipping should be fast and cheap. They have free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more, and a great selection of inventory. I have been ordering from them for 25 yrs. Try them out! I cannot post the link, but it is dixieartdotcom