New to airbrushing




I am brand new in this world. I bought a start kit, where there were a airbrush from profi-airbrush in it. I am having quite a few issues with getting startet. The paint splash, lines are imposible to make, the tip dries every 30 sek. I am using vallejo game air paint with vallejo thinner. Would it be recomended that I got a higher quality of airbrush like iwata eclipse?


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Hi Jesper from the UK. Unfortunately the airbrushes that come in lots are usually poorly made, with cheap metal. They can be made to work, however it makes it very hard to learn. The Iwata eclipse is a great brush.

What type of painting do you hope to do? The Vallejo paints seem mainly to be used by model painters, there might be something more suitable for you.

Thanks for a quick answer.

Here in the beginning I am just painting on cardboard, my goal is to paint cardboards and rc bodies. I was recomened the vallejo game air in a local store were they said that it was a good allround paint to play around with. In the set the I got there are a lot of alcohol based paints but I dont know how to thin them, I tried with window cleaner - didnt work, and isopropyl with a slighter better result.

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Welcome from New Zealand.

Reduce paints with the stuff the manufacturer recommends! They have all that info available. DON'T use window cleaner in your brushes, will strip the chrome off.

Tip dry - welcome to airbrushing, there is plenty of info about it but it is one of those things that happens and we work with it. A better quality brush will help particularly in limiting manufacturer issues but practice is the best way to improve.
Yes, the paint should be good for what you want, but find out what the recommended thinner for any paint is. The wrong stuff could cause damage to seals/o rings, and also affect the paint, making it easier to block the brush. Also using the proper reducer will help with tip dry. Its the nature of the beast, but getting the reduction and air pressure in tune will help minimise it.
Thanks for your answers. The manufactor just says "thin with alcohol"....

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Welcome to the forum! If you are looking to paint RC bodies, Createx Wicked colors are supposed to work very well. I haven't had a chance to try them on lexan myself, but they are good to play around with.