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I'm Extremely new at any kind of forums, so hopefully I do this right. First of all, KICK ASS VIDS on Youtube. I've been researching Aribrushing for about 3 months and your videos are BY FAR the best I've seen. Kick ass work man. I found an Airbrushing kit on that I think may be a good buy. The kit includes; an Iwata HP CS Eclipse Airbrush, Airbrush-Depot Brand Model TC-20T Maintenance Free Air Compressor with Tank (Includes a Full 2 Year Warranty) that has a Automatic On/Off Shutoff, Air Regulator with Gauge & Water Trap Filter, Createx Brand 12 Popular Color Airbrush Paint Set, and a Createx Brand:How to Begin Airbrushing DVD. Not too concerned with the DVD because, well, i got your vids to help me starts, I've been heavily into drawing for about 8 years, so have some experience. Enough to know I need good equipment to make having good pieces easier. Thought I'd ask and see if this kit is worth the USD$300 they want for it. any thoughts? I am on more or less a tight budget so I have to make this $300 count and get some good equipment to get me up and running. Thanks man.


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First off welcome to the forum and you are doing it rite!! Lol. That is not to bad for all that comes with it. If you have not bought that yet, try going to that is where you are essentially getting that from when you get it from amazon. But you may be able to get it a little cheaper without the dvd and other stuff on there. I have found they are that cheapest all around or the same price on some things. The hp-cs is an awesome airbrush!! It is great for beginners and top pros use them. It is the perfect all around airbrush in my mind!! I have 2 of them!! Hope this helps.

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Ketter! thanks for the compliments.. i hadn't seen this post as it was in someone elses thread. I'll PM you now to give you a couple of pointers on using the forum :)
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