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hello all Im Mike I'm 48 and just getting into airbrushing. Im nearing semi-retirement and was looking for something to do to make a little money as I plan to travel from beach to beach, and tshirt a came to mind as a lite and portable option I'm not a great artist but I can do most of these tourist type shirts I've seen, using stencils and practice.
any advice is greatly appreciated as to equipment and supply's. I'm using a anthem 155 now it seems ok not sure if its the best. I've been told by a friend that aqua flow paint is his favorite, I haven't been able to experiment with much yet just using some cheap Walmart craft paint to practice lines, dots and dagger strokes.
have a great day
Hi Mikey,
Where in the world are you? and where will the beaches be? I presume you have transport. Do you plan to use a compressor or air cylinders? Either way they are not things you can really back pack with but maybe you have a cunning plan :)

Anyway welcome to the forum
Cheers Mel
hi I'll be living and traveling on a sailboat in Florida. I'll use a small compressor. and keep a lot of supply's in storage
Hello Mike and welcome to the forum.

I have an Anthem as well . Works great. It's a very versatile brush. Get yourself some fast blast caps and you can convert your 2-4 oz bottle to quick change. I primarily use mine for larger scale stuff or shirts. But then I have 2 Patriots and other brushes as well.

You can In time convert the anthem to the needle and nozzle from the patriot, which will give you tighter line control . I would recommend getting some spectratex, it's badgers paint, it flows great straight out of the bottle , and is awesome for fabrics. Wicked is also another great product.

Enjoy spraying .

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Hi and welcome Mike from PA, a while back I did a DIY search on you tube and ran across a person who was an A/B artist doing face paintings and the took a stackable (originally designed for tools) box with handle and wheels and made it a traveling shop. It housed a small compressor and fan in bottom, storage for airbrushes, paints and most of their needs and used a power inverter for their car to run the set up. It was pretty cool so if you plan on being a roaming artist it might give some inspiration. Oh yeah almost room for me in your case lol
Welcome from Amsterdam Mike, whenever you have no destination with your boat, come to amsterdam!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome to the forum from the uk. Living on a sailboat, somewhere sunny, sounds like a little slice of heaven.
thanks everyone for all the welcoming messages. that's the idea to travel and see some of these places you all call home. when I make it ill be sure and say hi.