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I'm new to the Forum. I got recommended here by a friend to come check out airbrushing. I've always appreciated airbrushing and tried it once or twice but just never got around to trying it out more due to life. Hopefully I can start here as a beginner again. :)


The Dragon Hunter
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We are all about the beginners here, totally new or 'haven't touched an airbrush in years' new
What gear do you currently have ? (paint brand/airbrush size etc
Have you made a start of any sort yet ?
you can put a photo up via the 'more options' button then upload a photo from there rather than rely on outside photo hosting sites.


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Welcome to the forum! This is a great place to learn. Glad you decided to give it a try:thumbsup:. What airbrush(es) do you have? What type paint do you plan to use? Members here paint a wide variety of subjects. If you get stuck and need advice just ask:).