New to the Forum



Hey guys I am from the UK and also I am new to the Forum I am 25 and been airbrushing since I was 19 but still learning on things I been known for my Xbox 360's and I had the pleasure of meeting Mitch at the kustom culture blastoff show very nice guy :D. I Had to take a couple of years out of airbrushing but getting back into it now and hope to learn new things from you guys I will post some of my work up soon :)
Hey bud. ... good to have you on board mate. ... the helmet you posted looks great so I'd the rest of your work is as clean then I'm looking forward to seeing it. .. welcome (also u.k)
Welcome to the forum Chris, Theres a few names and faces you will recognize here and all the help you could want if you need it.

Welcome home , Now the question on everyone's mind is how much did Mitch pay you to say he was a nice guy?????

Look forward to seeing your Xbox's
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
mitch is really decent :) and thankyou for the warm welcome :) everyone
Welcome from Australia!!!
:) :) :)
Feel free to ask questions if you need, or show us your art!!!!
I do have a question lol how do you upload pictures properly ? :)
you can upload them to the forum gallery by clicking on “gallery”. Then under that there’ll be a little link called “upload photos” :)
you can also make “albums” via your profile
keeps failing cause it only has a limit of 64kb wen my photos are 3.00mb
you can try resizing them to make them smaller, or changing the format to JPG. 64k seems a bit small though... ?
all my pics are jpg is there a way to use IMG codes ?