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Hello Everyone,

I've been an artist since I could read comic books. Mostly just pencils with no colors. Tried that with markers but I would just destroy the art, lol. Im 44 yrs old and just recently was given an old airbrush from my father 2 years ago which was Paasche VL. After the first time I tried it, I was addicted. Been doing it ever since then and with every try I just get better. My family have been so amazed at how quickly and good that I have gotten. I now own 7 Paasche Talons. I started with Createx paints (Canvas, Pc towers, and T-shirts). Since the end of last summer I switched to Wicked Colors, and hope too soon upgrade to Autoair.
I first learned the "How too's" on youtube with Tony D from, also lots of others, and finally my idol of late is Airbrush Tutor. I've learned soo much from you all and I could never thank all of you enough. You all are just amazingly Awesome!
I will be posting my work in the next few days, need at least 10 posts to enter the March contest.
I'm from Michigan and cannot wait till summer to start working on my Saturn again (dont have garage yet).

Thanks all


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Welcome to the Forum Todd, Sounds like you're addicted like we all are lol. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

See you around the threads


ad fez

Hi todd, welcome mate, like jord said you certainly seem to have caught the bug.....really looking forward to seeing some of your work


welcome Todd, best place to be and learn, so many great peeps here