New toy.


Gravity Guru
So. I found on Amazon that Badger had their Sotar 20/20 on sale. So I got one. Here she is. And though I'm still new, I really, really like this airbrush. It's simply just awesome. The line quality is amazing.
Glad you like your new toy! I was tempted to buy one when I saw the sale price under $100, but I restrained myself. Although I am in the market for a detail brush. I'd love to see some pics of what it can do once you get a chance to break in that bad boy!
Congrats! I know there are plenty of people who love them, and its tough to turn down an awesome deal. :thumbsup:
I'm still learning, so don't expect too much from me. After I finish my disaster piece ( yes I'll be brave enough to post it ) I'll use it for my hopefully redemption piece. And the Krome is still on my list. It will be mine in due time. And as always, thanks for the compliments and all that.
Oh fun fun with the candy :D
The rootbeer candy is great for making rust:D
I couldnt resist the candy when i was ordering the needle(.i should have bought 2 tho) waiting on a bike to show up in the drive to start on....