Newbie alert official introduction.


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Hello there. I recently posted my first post on here and got a very warm welcome so thanks. However, I was asked to post a formal introduction. So here it is. My name is Derek. And I am from the United States, living in Virginia. I am brand new to airbrushing, and welcome any and all advice. I plan in due time to creat custom painted drum shells among other projects. Now a bit about me. Aside from the family life, my time is taking up by working on cars and drumming. I'm laid back by nature, and easy to get along with. That's about it in short. Looking forward to further visits here.
Hello and welcome again, both my son and I are musicians he plays drums and guitar for me. Son play a Pearl Masters series, also has some Mapex mixed around his Gibralter rack. He has approached me about doing some design but wasn't sure how to approach it plus I want to get a bit more experience under my belt.
Cool shadow. I play Ludwig with a Pearl free floating snare.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Welcome home Derek, Drum head can make some good money, so combining your drumming and your new hobby is a great ideal.
Nice to add you to the family and look forward to watching you grow as an airbrush artist.
Welcome from the UK Derek, make yourself at home and have a good read through the posts. There will be lots to help you on your airbrushing journey.

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to get my spot set up in the next week and get started.

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