Newbie - Compressor PSI Question



Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and just bought my self my first compressor AF186 which comes with an air tank attached. My question is when you are setting the air pressure to 25 for example, should the value continuously leak air to maintain this pressure ? is that how its supposed to work?

I'm concerned that this means the tank will will get full and therefore never switch off the compressor...

The instructions that came with it are rubbish so I thought I'd ask here...
Any help would be appreciated... :)

There should be a pressure shut off switch and at a certain psi in the tank (say 80psi) for example, it will shut the motor off. Then you use your ab for a bit and once it drains the tank to say 40psi the motor will kick in and fill the tank then stop once it reaches 80psi again. Im not sure what psi the switch will kick in and out, they are guestimates.

Hi Lee, Thanks for the reply... my auto switch off kicks in at 60psi which is fine and works perfectly however what I'm asking is when the regular is set so that only 25psi is being produced should I expect that the tank will never get full and therefore never shut off the compressor because air is being constantly released near the valve to maintain 25 psi?
What jord said was right, the compressor switch should come on to fill the tank to a max presssure, then re start when it drops below a preset minimum.
If this switch is faulty, then the motor will run conti.uously, causing overheating and eventual burn out.NOT GOOD!
If you suspect this is the case, then have an electrician check it out.
Might save you some grief.
Hey Splasha, Thanks for the reply mate. I agree what Jord said is spot on.... so maybe I'm not asking my question correctly... If you guys were setting a similar compressor to 25 psi - you leave it running - turn the value until the gauge says 25 then leave it running - right?

At this point is where I'm not sure if all is well... Because air is being released to maintain 25 psi the tank will never fill and turn off the compressor (eventually leading to overheating which worries me) - is this normal?

Hope that make sense guys?

The compressor "should" produce more air than youre using so would fill the tank while your painting. If not just stop ab'ing for 5 mins to let it fill.

It should not leak air from the regulator. The on off switch is usually your pressure switch which most of the time is adjustable if you take the cover off. Your regulator will set what comes out of the tank to whatever your using aibrush ect. And that should not leak air if it is it may need replacing or check the seals
Thanks for the reply guys .... I'm using a basic HS Dual Action airbrush... I don't think thats the problem as I haven't used it yet with paint... I suspect what steve is saying is the problem I don't think it should be leaking air and is therefore not making a proper seal at the gauge.

What threw me was that the air is coming out of a hole with a triangle around it that was obviously done for a reason...

I'll try tightening the gauge and see what happens...
Ok so I figured out that the top of the valve needs to be lifted to adjust the power of the spray! Yes it dumb but the compressors comes with no instructions to set the psi also its very easy to turn the whole regulator. However, you are only given + or - as a guide... how do you guys know how much psi is coming out of the brush as all video guide refer to specific psi? Cheers
So you don't have a pressure gauge? Or do you mean, how do you know what is coming out of your brush is the same as the psi you set it to? You may lose a pound or two, so set it so that when you are using your brush it drops to the pressure you want to use it at.

Maybe some photos of your set up would help :)
You would adjust the pressure coming out of your gun using the regulator gauge while you compress the a/b. Once you stop pushing for air on your brush, you will see the gauge increase a little.
I hope I explained this well?
You should not have air leaking all the time at your regulator.
Bamn! - Twood that's answer I was looking for... Thank you! Now I get it :) Happy days!

This is my set up - cheap brush I know but have to start somewhere! Will upgrade my a/b soon just trying to find a decent supplier in London... The T rex is a 3D print project i'm working on - this is a test print

Thanks for all your help guys... Much appreciated! :) No leak and full time to practice!