newbie from Belgium



hello i am bjorn
newbie out of the small land of belgium
started to airbrush because I needed something to unleash my fantasy
I paint with rich AB300
using this moment golden paint
and the compressor is a GunAir AS189
i am hope to learn much off this form
greetz bjorn
Hey from Sydney mate!

So how long been airbrushing for? Few weeks/days/months? I suggest trying some of the airbrush tutors exercises like eye, they helped me a lot.

hey max
i now have been airbrushing for a few months i had a cours i am doing so the basic i know and the airbrush tutors i hav trying to do them and they work pretty fine but my only problem is when i want to start a painting i just cant figure out with wat i have to start
this was 1 of my lessons the middel is mine de 1 on the left was the example
427925_536543286361941_243054586_n.jpgthis was my firs portrait of my son
293227_501406696542267_1549485718_n.jpg this was my first fantasy before i took lesson
255066_549481141734822_1990730499_n.jpgen the lion is my firts color lesson on cours
Welcome home , I like the illustration look of your art. You have found a great place to hang , Learn and help .
Welcome Bjorn to the forum, you fit right in, your off to a great start my friend and happy new year:)
Welcome Bjorn, great to have you here. Don't worry too much about the overall picture or even where to start. Let your techniques grow and the rest falls into place. Have fun with it most of all and I have found experimenting fun. The more mistakes then the more you learn. Soooooo many outstanding artists on here and all willing to help.
welcome from holland.
and what bad65 has said "welcome to the best forum"

your paintings looks great!

greatz Arnold