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Hey all,

New to the airbrushing adventure and love to practice. Spent most of my time drawing, charcoal, and oil painting. Getting bored with that, as it just does not have the look of the airbrush. Recently upgraded from a Paasche VL to an Iwata Eclipse HP CS and there is the difference of "night and day". I cannot believe that I struggled for so long before trying the Iwata. I have a junk little air compressor that I am getting ready to upgrade.

I just noticed this site the night before last and needed to join. Attached is a recent Corvette ZR1 I just completed on canvas.

AirbrushTutor - Your video tutorials are right on and your work is impressive to say the least.


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Hi from germany and welcome to the forum :)
That corvette looks pretty good, specialy since you said you just started out airbrushing. I think a car is not an easy subject to airbrush.
Welcome newbie from the UK, glad to have you aboard. Make yourself at home, crack one open and join in my friend:) lots of jolly spiffing chaps on here...;)
You will fit right in, look forward to seeing more of your work, enjoy
Hey Neighbor I am just south of you around Bloomington.

Cool looking vette This is a good site to hang out at , Lucky for you there is an airbrush instructor up in Nap town David Morton. He is more into Canvas art than anything else.
Look forward to seeing more of your work and who know maybe we can meet up sometime when I am up in Nap or if you find yourself heading down to B-town.
nice job on the corvette mate sure youl fit in well here
Beautiful I really like, Iwata is the best or marcha regarding spray guns.