Newbie from Melbourne Australia



Hi Everyone,
I just recently got into Nitro RC cars and decided I want to learn the trade of airbrushing so I can have a custom paint job, and so my girls can have all the cool toys with custom paint. I figure I will get a lot of practice since I keep crashing the truck, so a monthly repainting will be a must. Not sure what paint gun I got or compressor, but I will update once I get it in the mail. can't wait to start the process of learning. lots of info on this forum.

Welcome to the forum
from the US

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Welcome. I am into RC cars as well. The rc car bodies are meant to be painted on the underside, just in case you weren't aware. If you were going to have a "show" body, then painting the top would be fine.
I know they are painted on the inside, but then I wouldn't have to re-paint until I buy a new body. so I figure, paint the outside, and that will force me to continue learning, and once I get it really good, I can make a "show" body. then paint other things as I go.
Lol. That sounds like the logic of a married man. I remember when I "accidentally" hit a tree just so I could upgrade some of my suspension, lol. Told the wife might as well get better parts so it doesn't happen again.
that is definitely me..... I am married, with two kids. so I have to force myself into my hobbies so I can relax a little, and who knows maybe one day she will tell me I need to paint something for her.
hello Max and welcome from the US, lots of great talent here (except me) and knowledge but best of all is everyone wants to help!
hello Max and welcome from the US, lots of great talent here (except me) and knowledge but best of all is everyone wants to help!

I thought I was the only talentless hack here? Lol!

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I'm from the U.S. Only been living in Australia for about three years, lived in Japan for three years before that. I'm originally from Florida. I miss things about the states, but I'm here with my family, so I'm happy being here. You can add me on as another talentless hack. but if I can get some skill doing this for fun, I will be happy.
I did notice there is a lot of good info here, that is why I signed up.
Thanks for making me feel welcome.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
A warm welcome from the UK. You'll be ok here, we'll soon have you painting thos rc bodies like a pro.

Ello guvner, I hope you pleasure yourself on here as much as I do.... Which is a lot.
Thanks everyone. I have been spending a lot of time on this site over the last week. Waiting for my airbrush and compressor to show up in the mail. I can't wait to start learning. I will deffinatly be posting my art here to show everyone my progress