Newbie From sunny Midlands UK


Mick Neill

Hey Guys,

Not a mad forum user, but as Mitch is such a nice guy, i though what the Hell.....

Been a auto painter for over 20 years and branched into airbrushing around 12 years ago, as you do, i got hooked......and for the last 8 years or so have run a successful custom paint shop here in the UK

Ha ha welcome aboard newbie! Glad you took the plunge mate, this is a pretty damn good place to hang out, we will have to change you title to Pro as I guess you have been around a more ways than one:)

Hi Mick, welcome to the forum.
Missed you at KKBO.
Look forward to learning from you at some stage.
Welcome home Mick ,Nice to have you here and as a part of the family..
Hello Mick and welcome from the US.....umm last name wouldn't be Dundee would it? lol sorry had to say it!
ha ha, y'cheeky devils :)

Thanks for the welcome guys,

yeah i missed alot of people at KKBO, i was trying to dodge mitch and Kev aswell but they hunted me down :) had to shoot off early for work commitments on sunday :-(

Welcome Mick, just downloaded the mag, and read it all. Great job there.

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Hey mick.... unfortunately I missed you on the Saturday.... you did walk past me though but where on the blower soi didn't interrupt. ... maybe catch up with you sometime soon. ... enjoy the forum buddy
Welcome aboard Mick, im sure you will be able to steer a few peeps in the right direction.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hello mate,
welcome to the forum of dreams...
You'll be handy to have around given the amount of experience you have.
looking forward to meeting you in a few months :)

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