newbie from the channel islands, uk


kevin white

Hi all,

been a member for a couple of weeks now had a good look around and seen there is plenty of talented guy's out there.

i want to become one of them !

been airbrushing on/off for about 2 years, pretty good at doing all the practice stuff like dagger strokes, dots, fades, lines etc,etc even getting
half reasonable at cursive lettering.

but when trying to do a portrait or skulls just completely mess up with the shading etc and it's really starting to get me down.

hope all this will change soon, from pretty good to excellent with pratice and help from you guy's.

all the best

Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Hello and welcome Kevin from the US, if you post a pic or two of your work there are many talented ones here to help. We are our own worst critics and in most cases, we know every flaw there because we put them there lol but it may not be so obvious to others.
Welcome to the Forum Kevin, you will get sorted here, with a little work and a few questions you will soon have the skill and confidence to do the skulls and portraits.

We are our own worst critics and in most cases, we know every flaw there because we put them there lol but it may not be so obvious to others.

this is what my brother say's to me all the time.

thanks all for the welcome, i don't have many photo's due to messing up, normally just throw in bin.

going on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks, so if can't find anything will do some items when back amd post up for CC.

all the best Kev
Welcome from a fellow Brit. I always swear at my mistakes, but my husband can never see what I mean, and he doesn't pull any punches. If he can spot it, I re do it, if not I let it go. It jumps out at us cos we know it's supposed to be different and we are perfectionists. Everyone else just looks at the pic as a whole, not one tiny piece, and can't even understand what we mean when it's pointed out to them. So post any pics you have, even ones you consider mistakes can be really helpful to someone else, and are probably great any way.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
here's a few pics

here's a few pics i found that i've done over the past few years, most of these have been binned or shelved due to them looking like s**t.

please forgive me if i don't get back in touch as will be away and don't have access to a computer for a couple of weeks.

when back i'll post some practice sheets and hopefully get some feed back on what i should do to improve.

all the best


2011_0423custom_paint_10042.JPGtropical lures 011.JPG
Hi Kevin
welcome from sunny South Africa

that goalie mask has some great depth to it.
I know what you mean by not liking what we draw and looking for the mistakes.