Newbie from the land of OZ



Hello all, I am ChrisLucassen7, I have been uploading paintings for a while so I thought I should stop being so slack and introduce myself. I live in the Gold Coast Australia (yes another Aussie who talks weird like Mitch). I started airbrushing back in the late 80's and like Mitch I gave it a break for a few years, mainly due to work and family commitments. But things have changed now,the bug has bitten me again and I am making up for lost time. When I first started airbrushing pretty much everyone here in Australia was using a Passche VL - A good airbrush but nothing compared to the refinement of the current model airbrushes, that I find are a pleasure to use(Iwata enthusiast). I don't personally know anyone who shares my love of airbrushing so I consider it a privilege to be among you good people who are stoked about it. Well I think I've taken up too much of your precious airbrushing time already.
Check out my latest effort (sunset scene currently on members gallery)

Welcome to the forum, glad to see you have the bug again, i was the same, started in the 80's stopped for 15 years then started again. Theres lots of talent here and lots of peeps who will lend a hand if you get stuck.

Dang Aussies they trying to take over the airbrushing world! LMAO j/k .....Hello and welcome from the US
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal: