Newbie from the UK


Air-Valve Autobot!

My xmas present was an Airbrush compressor and two airbrushes, so just tipping my toes in the water at the moment.

I saw somewhere else you weren't an official member until you posted the 'Eye' picture :D

So (don't laugh) is my first attempt at the Eye..

Soooo easy to go to dark too quick, typical new user mistake I know realise, but enjoying every minute. The xmas present was a
[h=1]KMS Airbrush Kit AS186 AS 186 with Compressor with Tank with 2 x Double Action Airbrushes and Hose.. one gravity feed an the other a suction feed.[/h]
Bit confused about the different paints, i.e opaque, transparent, pearl etc . The kit came with ComArt Opaque so that what I have started with. I don't expect the airbrushes are of a high quality as they are part of a kit, but are both double action, with 0.35 needles and seem to work fine


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fantastic and thanks for the intro, lets us get a bit of an insight to who what where and why......your eyes look great, fair enough you may of gone to dark to quick but I think the overall look is great and different to the normal soft and smokey that is others interpretation of the eye...yours looks more aggressive something that would lend itself to horror art maybe....for first attempts you have shown good control on the lashes and I think the colour example is good aswell
Hi beanpole,

U got talent son. said in a patronizing but friendly way:)
A very good result for ur first time. For ur next attempts try to focus on the distance u are from the paper with each individual effect you create. You are seeing the image correctly, however correct distancing technique will help u enormously:)
Great first try and as others have said it looks like your a natural
another brit as well tony.....we will get them dutchies yet!
both brushes have .35 needles......thats odd you would normally expect the syphon to be that and then the gravity or side feed to be a bit smaller.......don't worry to much about transparent and pearls etc......opaque our semi opaque is all you need for now...brushes, you are correct are not of great quality but hey all the while they are working and you can produce with them then keep going......once you have got a bit more control and an idea off if you want to keep this up then you can get some good brushes for around 100 quid....however if you can wait till september for kustom kulture in lincs then get along as ken from badger goes there and sells brushes for half the price you could get one in uk you may aswell get 2
Welcom! Very nice! Better then my first!;)
Joe from uk
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Thanks all for the nice reply's, gives me a lot of confidence realising how much help and support there is on this forum. Didn't know how I would fair not having picked up an airbrush before, but I was always good at Art, (pencil, graphite and cartoons),and I find there is something therapeutic about Art and it is a nice outlet from the stresses of work.

Can't wait to find time each weekend now to progress further, I always liked drawing close up pictures of insects and Flowers, so intend to start there...
andreza and a few others have done ladybird pictures check them out for some inspiration.just type ladybird in search bar or look in gallery
Welcome to the forum - its a great place to get help and advice!

Pics look great!
Welcome you will find a lot of great guys & gals with a whole lot of information and willingness to help here as I have
...I saw somewhere else you weren't an official member until you posted the 'Eye' picture...

DAMN! Nobody sent me the "memo"! LOL!
Hmmm... So, to be "officially" accepted as a memeber I need to paint an eye and post it?
Sounds like a good idea for a cold and cloudy Sunday afternoon.

I have barely begun learning to airbrush and discovered this forum after viewing many of Airbrush Tutors videos on YouTube.
The people here are extremely knowledgeable and willing to offer assistance at every possible opportunity.
If you have the proper artistic mind, open to ideas and criticism, then this place will feel like home, and the people are an extended family.
Welcome to the forum.
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