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Hello All,

Ive been meaning to start airbrushing for a while now and ive finally taken the plunge! ive ordered myself a Iwata Eclipse CS after reding quite a few write ups explaining the ease of use etc for beginners and pro's alike. Ive also ordered some 60ml starter samples of the Wicked paint as it can be used on quite a variety of surfaces.

I am a car enthusiast and my main intention of the airbrushing it to add a bit of detail to my 1994 toyota Celica ST205 WRC to make it unique to myself. I also have a passion for Koi and would like to do a couple of canvas portraits ideally (might be getting ahead of myself here!!). But basically i have many uses for the airbrush art if i can get good at it!

I have a quick question about compressors if anyone can help, basically i already have a big 100ltr tank 3hp compressor in my garage and i need to know can this be used for airbrushing or do i need to get one of the smaller 2.5 - 3ltr tank size compressors? I heard that moisture can be a issue in the bigger compressors, but can this be beaten with a moisture trap? the Iwata i have ordered also comes with a pistol grip moisture filter if this helps?


Hey mantis from a fellow Brit down on the south coast. You just bought my favourite brush, so you got a good start. As for the compressor, I got a heeeuge mothering 200 litre jobbie, it's great as it refills so infrequently,. It does produce a fair bit of water, but with a moisture trap, I have never had any issues, just drain the tank fairly regularly. If you're anything like me, you'll love airbrushing and wonder why you waited so long to start. Welcome to the forum.
Yeah what Squishy said. I started with my garage compressor. It was just noisy as hell. I added a small AB compressor for size and use indoors. I also built a homemade job out of 2 old fridge compressors for about free. It is much quieter. I even run 2 moisture traps, on the homemade one, mostly to collect the oil vapor. I also run them on the end of my hoses, overkill! Definitely.

Welcome to the forum from the US.

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great choice!!!welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Thanks for the info! I will get a moisture trap today and have a go. I do think airbrushing is something I could get addicted too.

Interesting idea with the fridge compressors have you got a build thread on here for that one?

Cheers all.
No build thread. Ill see if I can find the link.

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Great ideas, I would like to build my own compressor too even though I already have a quiet one. I am discussing it with my friend who is a refrigeration engineer so Hopefully when we get round to the build I will take pics and maybe a video WIP.

I would imagine the fridge compressors would be very cheap second hand too.
Hiya from Norfolk, UK, I'm a beginner too (well, ish, been airbrushing for about a year but don't get too much time to do it). You'll love it! And the tutorial videos are excellent!
Hi mantis, you can use any size compressor - just make sure you do have moisture traps attached for automotive works. 100ltr is great though bud. Let us know if you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to help!
Thanks for the warm welcome all.

I recieved my Iwata yesterday so bought a moisture trap for the compressor and positioned it at the very end of the hose just before the airbrush air pipe, and also had the little pistol grip on connected too. I must admit i was a bit excited to get going so had a little practice on a old newspaper just to get the hang of it. Ive downloaded all the beginner tutorials to practice over the next few days think it may take a few weeks to get used to it though!! The wicked paints dont look like they need much thinning as they seem pretty runny out of the bottle (looking for the milk texture comparison) although i did reduce it any way 1 for 1.

Will have a go again tonight! just a pain that i cant put the compressor on after the kids go to bed!! Grrrr!