Newbie from the UK



Hi all im a complete newbie to art in general and am here to learn as much as i can about airbrushing as out of all the form of arts ive played with so far (acrylic /oil painting ,watercolour) i like working with the airbrush so have chosen it to concentrate on for the time being.
as soon as im able i'll post up my first airbrush picture so i can get some input on where ive gone wrong (and hopefully where ive got something right :) )
Welcome to the forum from a windy Birmingham. Make a few posts and you will soon be able to post up some pics.

Welcome Pugster, please feel free to edit your profile so that your approximate location shows here on the left, this will help others to advise you where to buy anything you might need based on your location, and as flycacher said, you can even put details of your equipment into your signature which will show under your posts, again this lets everyone know how to help you based on the equipment your using.

Have fun with us and get your post count up so we can see what your upto, lol
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Welcome Home Pugster nice to add you to the family , Look forward to seeing your first paintings.
and from my perspective - "nog n' soutie" :)
welcome from sunny South Africa

BTW - I too am a "soutie" which is a slightly undignified word the Afrikaners use when teasing a South African English speaking individual. sout - is salt and afaik refers to the English coming to South Africa from across the sea. Ironic in a way, but lots of fun is had by all :)