Newbie from usa



Sup guys, newbie here lol, i been wanting to give it a try to the art of airbrushing for awhile now and i think im gonna do it :)
ill be probably be posting lots of questions on here before ill go and buy stuff...
i hear this forum its one of the best places to look for good info and great peps..
sup bro.. great place... lots of great people on here....airbrushing..hard to master but well worth the effort.. nothing great come easy... hard work yields great rewards
yea,i never get tired of watching vid. people making really nice stuff and im just one of those people that wishes i could do anything like that lol..
you can, just takes time and practice... and work... thinking bout it does notihing,, doing it does everything
Welcome to the forum!
Do your research and ask questions before making the investment, it will pay off.
I think it's been around 6 months since I had the airbrush stuck in my head lol, alot of reading and vids on YouTube...
Welcome from Canada. You are right this place is overflowing with good info and lots of knowledgeable people to answer your questions and to top it all off, they're happy to do so :)
welcome from honduras, hope you can call this place home as i do!!!ask and there is going to be someone her to answer,but in the meanwhile practice,practice and practice!!!:angel:
I think it's been around 6 months since I had the airbrush stuck in my head lol, alot of reading and vids on YouTube...

Well heck there is your problem, the airbrush goes in your hand not your head. lol As Jgardn said, research, ask questions, and try to buy equipment in the better name brands. An entry level quality name brand is better than any cheap knock off, just remember "you get what you pay for". Even if you have never touched an airbrush, starting with good tools will eliminate SOME of the problems newbies struggle with and reduce frustration. Good luck!
Hey Julio welcome along buddy I'm afraid to say though you are severely mistaken.... this is THE best place to learn... official. ... well maybe not official but certainly on my book and many others it is.... so much knowledge to tap in to. ... amazing artists amazing inspiration and with AirbrushTutor popping up now and again with incredible how to's only a fool would look elsewhere. ... enjoy your stay and add mentioned before watch the videos... all question's and you will be on the right track
Welcome aboard from Oklahoma, USA!! Oh, and welcome to your new ADDICTION. If you've thought you had an addiction before......just wait, you don't know what addiction is until you start airbrushing, haha!!! Glad to have ya!
Unless of course you have tried crack
Or Meth.... then you probably havea fair idea.....*Quick disclaimer kids... although addictive airbrushing isn't quite in the same league as crack or Meth... so stay in school kids and keep painting.
YES, ask a million questions especially before purchase lol... it will save you in the long run... also use the search area on here, Ive had a ton of questions answered just by using that instead of starting a new thread... this place is GREAT! Enjoy and WELCOME!